Why You Need A Website And How A Website Helps Business

Why You Need A Website And How A Website Helps Business
March 15, 2019 4 Comments Learning/Educational Zian Smith

Surprisingly, there is a common misconception in our current year of 2019 that websites are only needed if your business is designed to take payments online only, such as services like Spotify and Netflix. These are businesses where you don’t “walk in” to make payments.

To say you “don’t need” a website is equivalent to saying you “don’t need” more money.

This misconception is untrue but believed in by local businesses, such as a tow truck drivers, window installers, plumbers, etc, who don’t see how a website could be beneficial in terms of profits. In our current time, where there are more mobile phones than people, having a website is very beneficial in gaining/keeping reputation as well as generating revenue, and needed to be taken seriously by certain target audiences. This post will elaborate on this topic.

List of Benefits

Portfolio of Work

Sites can assist a local business in numerous different ways. For example, let’s say you make custom spa’s, having a website allows you to publish a ‘portfolio’ of past work. Potential customers do not like to blindly trust a motto from a company, they want to see past jobs done. With a website, you can post your portfolio in any way you want. You are not confined to the limitations that Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites impose on you. Limitations such as when Facebook enforces a character limit, or when Twitter enforces a limit to images.

Saving Time and Answering Questions

As a local business owner, have you ever received a phone call asking a question you answered with other clients 5 times that one day? Have you had clients try to call you while you were already on the phone? A website will save you time on the phone by allowing you to post answers to common questions. Websites can also be accessed by multiple users at the exact same time. This saves time not just for you, but your customer as well. This less stressful situation lowers ‘friction’ and increases the chance for a sale. ‘Friction’ is defined as “difficulty in purchasing a product or service”. The less friction you have, the easier it is to buy it and the more likely you get that sale.

Contact Information

An additional benefit is that people can know your address, phone number, price, any and all information you give, without having to remember it. People don’t really “remember” phone numbers. They are usually saved to mobile phone contacts and left at that. Having a website is a word or sentence someone can remember. If they ever lost your number they could find it by simply going to your website. In this day in age, websites are the new business card.


Websites are needed for online ads, because ad services like Facebook, Google Adsense, etc will ask you for your website so that when people click on the ad, they are re-directed to your site. Highway billboards are legitimate ads, but they are limited to their location on the highway. Online ads are on the internet, and the internet is everywhere.

Search Engine Rankings

This is more important for marketing than ads. Without a website you will not be found in search results. Consider the following scenario: You’re driving to go to a meeting two hours away from where you live, and your car begins to overheat. You pull over, and realize you need a tow truck, but you are not aware of any tow trucks in your current location. What do you do? Chances are you type in “tow trucks in my location” in Google’s search engine and find a list of tow truck companies!

Likewise, people will turn to Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to find a solution to their problem. As a local business, you want to be in the top of those search results to acquire new customers. You need a website to be in those results! Jaaxy is a great service for doing just that.

Traveling Clients

People travel! Someone from North Carolina may travel to Toronto in Canada, or Baltimore in Maryland. When travelers go to a foreign city they search Google for the local businesses. Hotels, restaurants, and other local stores are what travelers want to be aware of so they know where to go for products and services once they get to their destination. As a business, it is beneficial to be noticeable by people who are traveling to your area. It doesn’t matter if it is a big city or small town, sooner or later someone is coming to you.

Personal Awareness

Sometimes you as a person, rather just a business, have something that can help people throughout the world. It could be a personal story, a service, or just information you’ve learned from a hobby (like blacksmithing). It is recommended you buy a domain with your name. Your personal website is more of an investment than your Facebook profile.

The Future Is Now

The internet is big as of right now, and it is only going to get bigger. Although older strategies still work today, they are no longer the dominate force for business. Connecting with as many people as possible is. It is possible to connect with clients 24/7 with, you guessed it, a website.

You no longer need to know how to code to create a site. It helps to know the basics but with content management systems such as WordPress (and plugins such as, WP JobManager, JetPack, WooCommerce that do most of the work) you don’t need to know any code at all.

How To Get A Site

First and foremost, buy a domain name from a domain registrar like Namecheap. TrueTechTalk has a widget from Namecheap that will allow you to search for a domain right here!

Then you can either make a website yourself with something like WordPress, or you can pay someone to design it for you.


If you would rather pay someone to create your site consider TrueTechTalk.

TrueTechTalk will gladly develop your website for you! Whether you want it made from scratch or you want a WordPress site that you can manage.


Inquire at support@TrueTechTalk.com



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    So many small businesses in the world that have that mindset of not needing a website. Everything you spoke about is absolutely spot on in this day and age. Great article now time for me to find some local businesses with no website and share this article.

    1. 1

      Zian Smith

      Thank you very much for doing so!

      Sometimes people get the impression that TrueTechTalk is only concerned with making money from people by offering website development services. (We make sites from scratch not just using WordPress)

      They don’t see the perspective that they would make more money by having a site. We’re focused on win/win situations.

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    Robert Prescott

    You bring up some great points in this post on why you need a website. I know of many local small businesses that don’t have websites, probably because they do not see the benefits.

    I will have to direct them to this post so that they can learn how to not lose potential business for not having a website. Nowadays, everyone should have one regardless if they make money with it or not.

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    Wow! This post I must say is “complete awesomeness”!
    Never knew to have a website could benefit someone in many different ways like these.
    I could just imagine having my personal portfolio that offers trust to my own personal website. While at the same time, saving me time to answer queries, creating a personal awareness of my respective brand to the world, and also market it directly to the end consumers.
    It is an all in one–a total package indeed!


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