Virtual Private Servers With Vultr

Virtual Private Servers With Vultr
March 22, 2019 No Comments Learning/Educational Zian Smith


Virtual Private Servers are servers that are maintained by a business rather than the individual using the server. This service is great if you’re too busy working on your business or site, and don’t want to spend time updating, maintaining, or monitoring the security activity of the server yourself.

Whether you’re a big business or a small startup, you generally need a  VPS provider that provides customized options in regards to payment, operating system, and location. If you’re interested in having as much customization as possible Vultr is worth looking into.

Most companies require you to pay a monthly for a VPS regardless of how much the VPS is used, Vultr doesn’t. Rather than force users to subscribe where the company automatically takes funds out at a set date, Vultr charges you in single payments based on how much the VPS was actually used. So if you use a server hardly at all that month, you probably won’t even be charged the same monthly rate you would as other providers or charge a flat monthly fee.

Some providers limit you to only a certain type of operating systems, such as only having a set limit of GNU/Linux distros or only having Windows, Vultr doesn’t. Vultr not only gives you a variety of distros but they also allow you to upload and boot your own custom choice of ISO image so you can run whatever operating system you want.

A few companies have a limited range of countries that they provide VPS services in. They’ll have a variety of IP’s, but they are all in a select few countires. Vultr offers IP’s from 15 different locations in a variety of countries.


  1. You pay for what you use. There is no monthly fee.
  2. Vultr is customizable. You can add custom SSH keys for security, you can create and add scripts that will run at startup, and create reserved IP’s, etc.
  3. Customer support typically responds to emails in less than 24 hours.
  4. Vultr accepts multiple payment options, such as Bitcoin, Credit Card, AliPay, PayPal and WeChat.
  5. You can upload and use your own ISO image! There really is no limit to what OS you can use.
  6. You can ssh into your server from the web console.
  7. Vultr let’s you choose between IPv4 and IPv6.
  8. You can run numerous different VPS instances under one account.
  9. Vultr uses objective numbers such as RAM, SSD space, and CPU speed when letting a customer choose a plan.
  10. Vultr offers 2-nd step authentication with Google Authenticator.


  1.  Using Vultr for hosting can be more difficult for the average user.


There are numerous other benefits of using Vultr, but they can only be understood from experience rather than a web page.

Try it out! Vultr allows you to get started for less than $10 per month. Your money will go to a business that cares about it’s clients, rather than a business that considers its clients mere numbers.

Keep it real.


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