Using Ozobot To Teach Programming

Using Ozobot To Teach Programming
January 14, 2019 No Comments Learning/Educational Zian Smith

Today people are introduced to programming at younger and younger ages. If you would like to get your children around the age of 8 introduced to programming then there is a innovative company that has free online programming games and provides toy robots that your kids can play with to learn the logical fundamentals of programming and technology.


Ozobot has worked on numerous different projects with the intent of helping kids around the world to learn tech at a young age, so that they will be comfortable with programming later in life. The concept is that your bot has to move a specific way with specific colors. You’re given a puzzle and you give the Ozobot a set of instructions for solving the puzzle.

Ozobot’s missions is that more kids will become passionate about Science,¬†Technology, Engineering and Math. They’ve attended the Future Education Technology Conferences to collaborate with teachers, administrators, IT professionals and promoters of early learning on new ways to implement STEM into the education system. By doing business with Ozobot you not only support Ozobot but you also support their funding towards STEM in education.


Here is an image showing the Ozo-Blockly game that kids can play online. With this game kids take bits of instructions (which work similar to code) to create a program that completes a task. If you have ever used Android App-Inventor, it is a similar concept.



If you want your kids to have more of a hands on approach, then you can order them an Ozobot of their own. TrueTechTalk has included a video that demonstrates the purpose of Ozobot and how it works.

Next time you need to find your kids a robotic toy, or a online free programming playground, consider Ozobot.


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