Nonlogging Opensource VPNs

Nonlogging Opensource VPNs
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There is a plethora of VPN options out in the market. However, when a user needs a VPN that is Free Software and doesn’t log user data, you begin to thin out the selection rather quickly. This post should hopefully save you time by listing virtual private networks that fit the criteria.

Keep in mind that when the term ‘data log’ is used, it is referring to a collection of data logs that can be used to discover what a user was doing on the internet. If the VPN client logs errors in software, that is not the same as traffic logs. Non-logging VPN providers do not have a record of what you were doing online, and since the connection is encrypted no one else knows either. This is essential for privacy.



Mullvad VPN

The Swedish based VPN company known as Mullvad (which is Swedish for ‘mole’) has always been explicit that they do NOT log any internet traffic from their customers at all. You can find a copy of their privacy at

Mullvad works on GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

The source code for the client can be found here:




Your first option is to make one yourself! Unknown to many is the fact that you can make an encrypted VPN connection from your own home by configuring OpenVPN. It is free software and has plenty of documentation. This method does NOT disguise your IP but it does protect your traffic with encryption. There is no data logging unless you are logging your own data. OpenVPN works on all platforms.

If you wanted to disguise your IP will still doing the work yourself, you can rent a VPS from a provider such as

You can find some OpenVPN documentation by visiting:

For docs on your own server visit:




Libreswan a free software implementation of the VPNprotocol. Unless you are a programmer or sysadmin who enjoys DIY projects this is not recommended.


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