How To Get A Website Traffic

How To Get A Website Traffic
March 27, 2019 4 Comments Learning/Educational Zian Smith

Having a well designed website with great content will do you no good if it doesn’t get any traffic. The first thing that comes to mind when people think of bringing more traffic to their site is “marketing”, but “marketing” is a buzz word that could include anything from TV ads to simply telling your friends.

What you need is to harness the power of the internet to let the internet market you, so you don’t have to spend all your time and energy doing it yourself. Welcome! This article is for you! Here you will learn about both passive and active methods of increasing traffic to your site.


Passive Methods

Passive methods work like passive income. People who have passive income make money whether they are awake or asleep. Likewise, you want people finding your site whether your are awake and telling people about it, or asleep and dreaming about what you’re going to do the next day.

Keep in mind you will need to actively work to plant seeds of passive methods, before you can reap the rewards.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Keywords

This is by far the most important and best way to increase website traffic. SEO basically means optimizing your website so that search engines pull your site in search results. The process of doing this simply involves including keywords in your content, your HTML tags (if you’re coding from scratch), or in your WordPress SEO Panel.

Good SEO skills are what will get you on the first page of a Google search. If you’re on the first page and near the top results, then you will get more clicks. More clicks means more traffic.

Simply putting keywords in these areas alone will not bring you the traffic and attention you need. You need to choose keywords that are marketable, meaning keywords people are actually typing into search engines.

Suppose you are a pet grooming business, and you have been using keywords for SEO such as “pet grooming”, you are not being considered for searches that contain “pet grooming services”. One word is all it takes to make a difference.


Keep your ideasĀ  for keywords open, but don’t tag keywords that are not related to your content. This will not help you, search engines such as Google will actually punish you by preventing you from showing up in results. In addition to knowing a variety of keywords, you need to understand the QSR score and traffic that your keywords have.

Jaaxy is a cheap service that offers 30 free keyword searches a day. If you’re much more ambitious or need to generate more content consider a Premium Plan.

In addition to keywords, Jaaxy allows you to see site rankings, and rankings are what you need for more traffic. (Seriously, consider Jaaxy).

If you don’t already have a domain (or website name), make sure that your domain name is relevant to what you expect people will search for. You can use Namecheap to search for and buy domains.

Keep in mind that for SEO changes to take effect it could take up to 4-6 months. If your SEO was properly done, you should have more traffic the 8th month than you did the 6th.

2. Varied Content

Just like you need different keywords in your SEO to show up consistently in online searches, you need varied content about different topics. That way you are able to get more traffic by having the words that people search for in your content, and not just your SEO.

This can not be stressed enough. It is important to stay on topic, but don’t limit yourself. This will allow you to include more words in your SEO without being punished by search engines.

This will require some active work to create the content, but once it is published it is out there for the world to read while you’re asleep.


3. Pages on Platforms

YouTube, Facebook and etc are huge! Create an account representing your page and create some startup posts referencing the content on your site. Once your page is in existence, people who see it will be exposed to the seeds you planted.


Active Methods

All of these methods will require continuous and active work, but are very rewarding. Some of these methods overlap with passive methods, so while working on one you can make progress on the other. Once you start one of these methods it is advised to be willing to continue working on them. You can’t start one of these and then let it sit like you could an article with proper SEO.


1. Ads
Making ads takes continuous work. They only run for so long and will need to be adapted based on the reactions and leads your ads get.

2. Newsletters
Making consistent newsletters helps remind people who have subscribed of your brand. It also allows you to inform people of new services/products. But you can’t use the same newsletter over and over so be willing to continue making e-mails once you get started.

3. Networking

If you are a member of a club or community that has connections in various different areas of business and social circles you can actively message or speak to people and inform them of the work you’re doing. Get their feedback, make an analysis of their feedback, and then take action based on what you heard.

The internet is powerful, but word of mouth is still valuable. Hearing a suggestion from a real person has an affect that is not to be underestimated.

4. Posting on Platforms

Creating a Page for your site on a platform for passive traffic is nice, but backing that page up by actively posting consistent content will be more rewarding than just setting up a passive source alone. Remember when you were learning about SEO keywords? You can use those keywords as ideas for what to post on YouTube and Facebook!


To Conclude

By now I am hoping you have realized that doing only passive or active methods is not as rewarding as combining a good balance of both.

Now that you have the basic knowledge necessary to get started, it is time to get to work. Good luck!


Keep it real.


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    Great article and full of advice that I could really use rite now in all honesty. I have in the past used Instagram for marketing and had some amazing success with it, how do you find I.G. for sending traffic to a site? is it a worth while platform to work with or would you suggest others?

    1. 1

      Zian Smith

      Instagram is worthwhile. The platform is not as large as Facebook but it is growing.

      According to Jaaxy traffic sources, Instagram gets 19 million searches per month. Facebook gets 902 million. 19 million is no where close to 902 but that is still a huge audience.

      Younger generations tend to use Instagram so it depends on your target audience but there isn’t as much competition on instagram as there is on Facebook. But if you’re site is related to car insurance, probably better to prioritize on a platform where people are old enough to buy.

      All platforms have pro’s and con’s. Balance your resources to make sure you’re getting the benefits that both provide.

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    Great post, I love how you put emphasis on SEO and how important that is. It sure is the top factor in getting website traffic in many cases and can really help your traffic jump if you are seen in the search engines!

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    You posted this article at just the right time! I’ve been putting in a lot of active work into my website and I’m on the verge of burnout. I need to begin implementing some of the recommended passive methods to balance it out. I know in the beginning I was focusing too narrowly on a single topic, so I will continue to work on varying my content. Great post, thanks for sharing!


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