About TrueTechTalk

About TrueTechTalk

The definition for tech is: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

At TrueTechTalk.com we love all things tech.

Whether it’s software running our devices, online services such as virtual private servers, or glasses made out of a material that bends without breaking, we love tech.

Too many businesses try to sway or lead people to a specific decision with opinion when it comes to technology. For example, all anti-viruses will “keep you safe”. Every device manufacturing company makes the “best” devices. All software development companies make the “greatest” software.

While we understand that these businesses need to market, we prefer they add a little objectivity to their promoting by including more facts and numbers to their products and services, rather than using buzzwords.

Our Story

True Tech Talk was started by users for users. True Tech Talk has contributions from programmers, security specialists, affiliate marketers, university students and just regular people who love to use and learn about tech.

Why We Want To Help

We believe that if more objectivity is put into technical capabilities and review, that not only will it benefit the users who pay for such technology, but the technology itself will improve because promotions will list the strong facts about their products/services and not just buzzwords.

Given enough time, this will hopefully change the culture of the market. If a company makes “the fastest CPU’s” we want that company to show the GHz speed of their product vs their competitors, rather than just saying “we have the fastest CPU’s” without giving any numbers.

In addition to influencing the marketing of Tech, we wish to provide educational/informative content, and create discussions on matters that affect us.

Our Goals

We do not just affiliate. Our goals are to research technology services and products currently on the market, to develop products and services that people can use, to provide information that educates people on technology, and to promote businesses in the field of tech that deserve awareness. For those who are truly passionate about technology, we wish to serve you!

You may find a couple of services on our site that benefit you, such as the ability to search for domain names via our Namecheap widget, the ability to make custom purchases by emailing us, or by learning from educational posts on our site.

If you ever need have any questions or suggestions, or would like to inquire about purchasing a service or product (such as a ZTE Axon phone with Lineage OS installed), feel free to email support@TrueTechTalk.com



TrueTechTalk does not and has not get paid for reviews. Rather, TrueTechTalk mentions companies that provide products/services relevant to the content created, and earns revenue from affiliations. By clicking and making a purchase on any of our affiliate urls, you help to support not only our partners, but our initiatives (FOSS, Security, Privacy awareness) as well!

Because we do not get paid to promote or create content, our readers can be assured that TrueTechTalk genuinely supports our affiliates.

TrueTechTalk does NOT affiliate with networks or businesses that tolerate fraud or scams. If you believe you are a victim to fraud of one of our affiliates, email us at Support@TrueTechTalk.com with images and a background story and it WILL be reviewed!

You can usually save money by purchasing something from one of our links as opposed to buying from the company directly.

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To our partners, we appreciate your business!

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